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Almond Cookies

This traditional recipe is a family heirloom and usually made around holiday time.
A sample of Judy's Favorite Recipes. Click here for the full recipe with photos and nutritional info.

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A sample of Judy's Favorite Recipes. Click here for the full recipe with photos and nutritional info.



Food & Health Communications is proud to present these recipes for nutrition education. Feel free to link to any of them on our site or write to us to ask permission to use them in your materials - click on contact above. We do have over 850 tested healthy and delicious recipes available for use on your website - please Click Here for more information.

So many recipes simply state: "serves 4" without really describing what a serving is (ounces, pieces, cups?) This is very frustrating. Thanks for including that in yours. - Julia E. Salomon, MS, RD. Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Educator

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Apple Crisps

Here is a delicious way to serve candied apple slices as a garnish for your next masterpiece dessert or as the dessert itself.

Hot Recipe: Zucchini Squash Sauté

It's a lot easier to eat healthfully when you can actually enjoy what you're eating. Good food shouldn't taste like punishment. There are lots of tasty and healthful options out there -- the key is finding them. Here at Food and Health, we hope to do our part by introducing you to some of our very favorite recipes.

Salad Tulips

Use any cup-shaped lettuce leaf. The ones in our photos come from heads of radicchio and Boston Bibb lettuce. Both of these lettuce heads can be shredded or sliced to make a tossed salad when you are done using their outer leaves as tulip petals.

Chocolate Pears

Most of the time pears are poached in wine or liqueur. But you can poach them in a light chocolate syrup. We served ours with a light sprinkling of real chocolate shavings and a tiny amount of chocolate syrup.

The Importance of Side Dishes to Balanced Eating

Side dishes are awesome. Most people don't appreciate these nutrient workhorses of healthful meals, but the right side dish actually involves very little extra prep work for a serious health reward. Of course, choosing the right side dish makes all the difference.

Hot Recipe: Cuban Beans and Rice

Today's recipe will help you add more fiber to your diet, while upping the flavor of a truly amazing dish.

Flavor Exploration: Spices

Today is the day. The last post in the 10-part flavor series is finally here! We've had such fun reviewing and exploring healthful ways to boost flavor so that your clients can Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right. So what's the grand finale? Well, it's one of the most healthful ways to give food a very serious kick of flavorÂ… with spices!

Flavor Exploration: Herbs

Fresh and dried herbs are the true workhorses of the flavor-boosting world. With tons of varieties, including basil, thyme, oregano, sage, parsley, and rosemary, it's easy to find a fresh new option to add to your cooking repertoire. Herbs are generally added to food in small amounts in order to provide a particular flavor.

Flavor Exploration: Lemons

You didn't think we'd leave you without another flavor post, did you? This week is all about lemon -- how to use it, when to use it, and why to use it.

Balanced and Healthful Snacks

A few weeks ago, I tweeted a picture of a tasty and filling snack I'd whipped up on a whim. I was absolutely blown away by the response to my humble little post, so I decided that this snack deserves a description that was more than 140 characters long.

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